Types of Trailers - Manufacturers by Type

Utility Trailers:


Top Hat: Steel Trailers – Heavy Professional Grade Gooseneck Over-the-wheel to Light Personal Utility; Custom, Purpose Built, and Standard Inventory Models
Sundowner: Aluminum Utility Trailers and Car Haulers – All Customizable
Carry-On: Light Utility Trailers, Steel and Aluminum


Cargo Trailers:

Sundowner: Aluminum Professional Grade Cargo, and Aluminum Toy Haulers – All Customizable
Titan: Galvanneal Steel, Commercial Grade, Customizable
CM: Galvanneal Steel Commercial Grade
Carry-On: Aluminum Skin, Consumer Grade, Customizable

Horse Trailers:

Sundowner: Aluminum, Aluminum Transport, Aluminum Living Quarters – All Customizable
Titan: Galvanneal Steel, Customizable
CM: Steel

Livestock Trailers:

Sundowner: Aluminum, Customizable
Titan:Galvanneal Steel, Customizable
Top Hat: Steel, Customizable
CM: Steel, Aluminum


CM: Steel, Aluminum